The primary focuses of our practice are:

1. The family-owned closely-held business. This includes developing succession plans, financial services consulting, identification of primary concerns such as employee benefits, qualified retirement programming for the conservative savers, and making sure that the business and its owners are safeguarded as to income continuance. There is, of course, more and all begins with fact finding and census information. From this, we make recommendations for discussion and implementation.

2. We cater to the senior citizen. This is the other key focus of our practice which we take very seriously. Some of these concerns include capital buildup for security, legacies, retirement income distribution that cannot be outlived, medical provider access and protection, as well as the issue of incapacity and long term care issues. Again, all this calls for fact finding, recommendations, and implementation of the most appropriate planning solutions.


Our Agency has been established here in Texas since 1963, conducts business statewide, contracts with some 35 insurers for which we are authorized agents, including well-known firms such as BlueCrossBlueShieldTX, United of Omaha, American National, American General Life, Humana, Aetna, and still many other fine, strong, established companies.

I maintain that portfolio of companies, rather like an insurance supermarket, to choose from, to make sure you get the best coverages and prices in the market. Several coverages include Medicare Supplementary insurances, and I have a whole page dedicated to this subject. Please be sure and visit my page on Medicare Supplementary Coverages, and I will explain how they can fit a lot of your needs, whether you are a senior citizen or a below-age 65 disabled individual.

We can find coverage for over 99% of clients. Please contact me and allow me to discuss how I can protect you, your family, your assets, and your business.

Beginning January 1, 2014, the Patient Protective And Affordable Care Act (PPACA)also known as ObamaCare, began final implementation, with consumer qualification and plan applications beginning at that time. The initial procedures will lead to the first individual major medical cover plans to be effective Jan. 1, 2014. During the year and subsequent years of 2015 and beyond, individuals may determine the amounts of premiums, less any premium subsidies, qualified essential health plan benefits, cost sharing, insurers, penalties, styles, and benefit strength availabilities from which to make selections.

Agents and brokers are an important part of your guidance. We have received training and certification in order to escort consumers through the Health Market Exchange. While consumers can do this on their own, due to the complexity, regulations, compliance issues, and extensive information requirements encountered, we highly recommend that you take full advantage of our services, just as most of you have in the past. This is true of any insurance, retirement savings, and financial planning. We, as agents and brokers are there to make your journey as smooth and easy as possible, that you get what you want, understand it, can afford it, and avoid issues, tax penalties, and problems that are preventable.

This agency has prepared extensively, taken formal courses, reviewed the many bulletins from federal, state, and insurance organizations, as well as attended both on-line and in-person seminars. Do take advantage of all this. There are no costs or charges for our services. We have prepared informational commentaries outlining strategies for individuals, families, and small businesses. Let us know your concerns by emailing us at admiraltexas04@sbcglobal.net. We also maintain full contact information right on this interactive site.

We look forward to assisting you. Please see the section page entitled Our Services for a complete listing of my qualifications, professional education, standards, ethics, and credentials. These benefit prospective and existing customers in acquiring services and coverages best suited to them. Words to live by: You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in Texas! Have a nice day.

Roger G. Bensman, CLU, ChFC, Principal
Bensman & Company Asset Strategies, LLC
Headquartered in Houston,TX.

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